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RAINBOW MEGA EVENT Art & Creative Writing competition is accessible to all young artists to inspire artistic and creative minds. Candidates of over 45+ cities participate in this competition


Candidates who seek learning arts. Our mission is based on the conviction that: “A strong art competition encourages and promotes students artistic potential. The fine arts competition foster’s independent thought, while encouraging each person to work in a creative, cooperative, and collaborative way.


We all have innate artistic and creative abilities that can set us apart from the rest of the world. Join the Rainbow Mega Event Art Contest, which offers everyone new opportunities, to unleash the hidden, untapped potential within.

Basic Principles

The Rainbow Mega Event Art Contest has some guiding principles that will never change. They were there at the start and still have a role in our lives today. Our participants come from all around Pakistan because we value diversity. They vary greatly in terms of religion, gender, and many other factors. We value these distinctions. Everybody is welcome here.

We respect your time and schedule, so we offer the competitors the freedom to sketch and paint whatever they choose.

You can paint and draw whenever you want, wherever you want. The goal of the Rainbow Mega Event Art Competition is to motivate and instruct all groups of artistically gifted students, so they can develop into creative problem-solvers and lifelong students of the visual arts.

Rainbow Mega Event focuses on Pakistan future through extracurricular activities for students and competitions that prepare them for careers in this rapidly expanding industry.

The Rainbow Mega Event offers students the chance to participate in enjoyable, hands-on robotics activities that support STEMA education through a number of initiatives (Art & Creative Writing). Students are introduced to the variety of competitions accessible to them through the Rainbow Mega Event, which sparks their creativity while advancing their education.

The following common beliefs serve as the foundation for the Rainbow Mega Event services: All students should get tender care in a setting that is secure and encouraging and in which they are recognized for the unique individuals they are.

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